Customer Testimonials

Love this Nativity Scene! It is different than everyone else's inflatable or plastic ones. It is simple and beautiful - looks just like the picture. Also sets up in about five minutes and stores flat. Looks like wood, yet more durable. I put a spotlight on it and it looks fabulous! Looking forward to setting this up in the yard for many Christmases to come.
-D. Waller, TX
We LOVE our Outdoor Nativity Set! It is so classic and well built. It was so easy to assemble and easy to store. I know we will enjoy this for many years to come!
-JBJordan, FL
"To our great joy when our nativity arrived it was everything we were hoping for and more. It was lovely just as we had pictured it, light and very easy to set up following clear and understandable directions. Then came the first night of the nativity being in the yard and the part that sets it beyond our expectations, because of the matte finish the scene nearly glows when our spotlight is shone on it, needless to say we were amazed at the results. Thanks for a wonderful addition to our Christmas decorations. This product is certainly well worth the price we paid.
-Rick, FL
I ordered this before Christmas and it was just beautiful. Put a spotlight on it in our front yard and left it up for 3 1/2 weeks. It weathered the snow and rain very well and we just took it apart and put it back in the shipping box for storage. We were very pleased with our purchase.
-BG Gal, OH
We are so delighted with our Outdoor Nativity Set. It looks beautiful in the yard, is weather resistant and we are certain it will last to be passed through the generations. It doesn't look like all the others that are painted plastic with lights inside. It actually adds a touch of class while letting all who pass by know what the real meaning of Christmas is. Delivery was fast, too. Thank you so much!
-Steve & Justine, FL
We are extremely happy that we purchased your set. Cars driving by are slowing down to get a better view especially from the shadow that it casts on our house. It's the first and best Christmas decoration we've ever had and nothing else will be displayed not to off set the true meaning of the season.
- David, FL
My wife started looking for a Nativity Set online last week and came across this site. We had seen similar sets in the past but were not able to find out where they were purchased. We were impressed with the Nativity Set. Since we spend the winters in Florida about an hours drive from the plant we decided to drive down to see them in person. We are more than impressed with the Nativity Set and the overall operation now. The personnel were extremely pleasant and helpful. It is great when an employer is a Christian and it shows in the personnel and the product produced. The employees are grateful for the owner finding a way to keep them employed during their off season of making boats.
- Phil, FL
I just received my Large Outdoor Nativity Set after ordering this past Monday. I have wanted it for two years and finally was able to buy it. I could not go by another Christmas without the true meaning of the season being displayed in our yard and neighborhood. Thanks for the fantastic service and great durable, easy to assemble product!
- Donna, VA
What great service. Just ordered a Nativity Set Monday, in hopes that it would get to me in time to enjoy it this season. Yesterday, Thursday, my Nativity arrived and it is everything I expected it to be and more. My Son-in-Law put it out last night and it is just gorgeous. I love it. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful work of art. Assembly was a breeze, also. Thanks again.
- Nancy, PA
I have been searching for years for an outdoor nativity scene that would be an elegant expression of our faith during the holiday season. The ones that I could find that were beautiful and durable seemed to cost a small fortune...and then I came across your website. I ordered the traditional set as well as the matching angels for either side. We lit them up with two spotlights and I just sit and watch out my window as people slow down while driving by! They have been in my yard for 2 days now and already 5 people have inquired where I got them. They are beautiful, well made, store/pack easily, and assembly is a breeze. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!
- Geetha, NJ
I am so pleased with the simple yet profound message of this set. Already had one individual stop by for information on how to get a set of her own.
- Ellis, CT
Loved the Nativity and 2 Peace Signs from your company. Made in the USA!! Would recommend them to everyone. Thanks for the beautiful addition to our Christmas decorations.
- Cheryl, NY
We received the set yesterday. It was a prompt shipment, went together easy and best of all will store in it's shipping box neatly until next year.
- Ruben, AZ
The Nativity set looks great and was just as easy to assemble as on the video. I love everything about this product, from the online video demonstration (the main reason I bought it) to the quick delivery, the great packaging (which will be used to store it for years to come), the clear labeling and directions (even outside the box!) to the quality of the product At first I thought it might be a little more than I had wanted to spend, but now that I have it, I see it is a great value, because it will last and it is so easy to use and store. Thanks. Merry Christmas.
- Maureen, NJ
Joyfully we found this set online. I had been looking for awhile and this set is perfect. We just put it up in our front yard. Easy to install. Our yard is ready for Christmas just like our hearts. Your customer service was excellent, we look forward to purchasing more items from you.
- Barbara, MA
Just a note to say thank you for producing these nativity sets. We love ours. It makes a simple, peaceful, beautiful scene that conveys the "reason for the season" perfectly - daytime or night time. Out little grand kids love to look at it and talk about it. Their Dad is planning to order one for next year. We've looked from something like this for several years. It came promptly, and was exactly as advertised. How nice that you found a way to keep employees on the payroll while adding something so positive to our neighborhoods.
- MaryAnn, KS
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Nativity Set. For 46 years, we have been wanting to set up an Outdoor Nativity Set, but they were either too expensive or didn't suit our taste. But we decided this was the year we would do it. When we found your website, we were so impressed with the simplicity and beauty of your set and how it conveyed exactly what was in our hearts about this blessed season. It was as beautiful as it looked in your advertisement and casts a lovely shadow on our home. We live on a corner and have had several people slow down and actually thank us for setting it up in such a visible place. Only one other person in our whole neighborhood for blocks around has a set displayed, so we are very happy that it has impressed so many people. Today, I am forwarding information to a lady who lives a few blocks away so she can order one as well. Next year we hope to complete the set. Thank you for your prompt delivery, wonderful customer service and for producing such a wonderful item. God Bless.
- Tiso, VA
"We absolutely loved the nativity set, wished I had bought the whole set, with the animals and angels, we will add on next year. The construction was of the highest quality - we had an extremely wet and windy December and this set held up under all conditions. We had solar spotlights on the set and it was just as beautiful at night and just as beautiful in the day. When most Christmas decor is pale in the day our nativity stood out day and night. Very, very pleased and impressed. Looking forward to adding on next season.
- Janet, TX
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