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  • Holy Night Outdoor Nativity Set Daytime View
  • Holy Night Outdoor Nativity Set Night View
  • Holy Night Outdoor Nativity Set Daytime Alternate View
  • Nativity Set Breaks Down for Compact Storage
  • Outdoor Nativity Scene - Full Set
  • Beautiful silhouette style complements any yard without looking overly commercial
  • Assembled dimensions measure 46.5" Wide x 50" Tall x 23" Deep
  • Entire set breaks down to store in compact box or area 45" x 30" x 2"
  • Marine grade plastic designed for marine environment - cannot rot or delaminate
  • Staking kit (included) allows set to stand up to any inclement weather
  • Simple Slide Together Assembly Takes Less than 5 Minutes - Watch video below
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Holy Night Outdoor Nativity Set - Standard Size

Our Best Selling Nativity Set!

Beautiful Silhouette Style Complements Any Yard Without Looking Overly Commercial

Assembled Dimensions: 46.5" Wide x 50" Tall x 23" Deep

No Fastener Assembly Required!
No screws necessary. Simple 30 second slide together assembly. Instructions are included, but generally not required as the set slides together so intuitively.

Compact Storage Design Requires Minimal Garage or Attic Space. Break your set down, slide it back in the box, and it is ready to go next year!

Our Material is a Marine Grade Plastic PVC Sheet

Designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, this material will last many seasons in your yard. It is a homogeneous material and therefore cannot delaminate and will never require painting. It is UV stabilized to maintain a pristine white color. This material has largely replaced plywood as the primary marine substrate material because of its durability.

How Can We Guarantee the Material Will Hold Up?

Our primary business is manufacturing plastic component parts for the marine industry. We serve over 200 of the worlds leading boat builders with fabricated plastic parts. We are a trusted vendor of boat builders such as Sea Ray, Scout, Boston Whaler & many more. We are the leading consumer of plastic sheet in the industry and have worked with this material for 15+ years. As the leading consumer, we have great purchasing power with the material. This lower material cost is passed on to our customers as is evident by our pricing compared with other competing products.

We have also been fabricating these nativity sets for over 5 years and selling them to local Christmas tree stands. This project was originally started because we saw it as an opportunity to make something we would be very proud to offer, while also helping to supplement some of the seasonality of the boating industry. It is a win/win to be able to offer such a nice and meaningful keepsake while also keeping our employees busy and employed through the winter. This is our second year offering the nativity set online and we are pleased to say we have only received positive feedback about the look and quality of the material.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How does the Nativity Set Stand-Up to the Wind?

The nativity set slides together and locks into place creating a trapezoid base that is alone stable enough to stand in moderate climates. Included with each nativity set are two tent stakes that hook over the back side fences to counterbalance the wind. We also include an additional stability add on kit with every nativity set. While not always necessary, this kit ensure for customers in regions that receive considerable inclement weather that their nativity will stay up all season! This kit includes 4 brackets and 2 aluminum rods and is easily added to the nativity set at the customers discretion.

Is the Set Difficult to Assemble?

Absolutely Not! One of the nicest features of our nativity set is how quick and easy it is for one person to assemble. We include detailed assembly instructions, but generally they are not needed as the set slides together so easily and intuitively.

We encourage you to watch our Assembly Videos to see just how easy it is to set up the nativity set.

How large is the Standard Size Nativity Set?

The standard nativity set measures 50" tall to the top of the star.

What are the Shipping Costs?

Shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the zip code and the total weight of your order. We have found that shipping the standard nativity set ranges from $15 - $30. We are located in Central Florida so shipping will be marginally more expensive the further west you are located. With that said, we have gone to large measures to design a box that safely ships the nativity set without exceeding the UPS over sized package surcharges. We also ship thousands of packages UPS annually for our marine business and have established strong UPS discount tariffs that we are able to pass along to our customers.

When will my Nativity Ship?

Any orders placed before 3:00pm EST will ship that same business day! For orders including additional nativity figures, we generally are able to ship same business day as well. However on occasion there is a 1 day handling time in an effort to combine packaging and minimize shipping costs.

Please note that we will not be shipping over the Christmas break. Our last shipping day before the holidays will be December 21st and we will resume shipping January 2nd.

How Large is the Box that the Nativity Ships/Stores In?

Our standard nativity set ships and stores in one box 45" long x 30" wide x 3" thick. The fully packaged box weighs 23 lbs so it is relatively easy for one person to repackage and slide the box into an attic, under a bed, or neatly into storage.

What is your Return Policy?

Our return policy is outlined here. You will find that we are very reasonable people that truly value making sure every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase. While our return rate is extremely low, if for any reason our nativity scene is not what you were expecting, we promise a no hassle exchange or return. For obvious reasons we are much more stringent on customer return requests we receive after Christmas. In general returns we approve after Christmas must be in an unopened box or clearly never used.

Do you ever have after Christmas Sales?

We do not have any "after Christmas sales" for a variety of reasons. We plan to offer these nativity sets for many years to come and are happy to hold on to any extra sets until the following year. Additionally, we do not want to risk upsetting customers who may have purchased the nativity set just weeks earlier by offering it at a discount after the season.

Do you charge sales tax?

Customers are only charged sales tax (6.5%) if the ship to address is in the state of Florida.

What Material is the Nativity Set composed of?

The nativity set is fabricated from a marine grade plastic sheet. The material is a homogeneous expanded PVC sheet that has a matte surface. We have worked with the material for over 15 years on a wide variety of marine applications and have found it to be extremely durable. It is UV stabilized and will never discolor. We have also used the material for many years on our Nativity Sets and have received only positive feedback.

Can the Nativity Set be painted?

Yes! This is actually an area we feel we have under marketed in the past. The nativity set material holds acrylic latex paint very well and is great for artistic types who would like to decorate or paint their nativity set. We also sell a small flat nativity set & flying angels that are fantastic for children's arts and crafts.

How thick is the material?

Our material is 1/2" thick plastic sheet.

Do you accept checks?

We do, however in general we prefer not to. The biggest reason is that we have found that the process of sending a check generally takes longer than the customer anticipates. We have inventory on all of our nativity set products, so for credit card orders we are able to ship that same day. With check orders we have to wait until we receive the check, and then wait until we see that the check has cleared. This process can often take a week or longer. With that said, we understand that some people prefer checks and many churches only have that payment option. For those customers we are more than willing to accommodate check payments. If you are paying with a check, please contact us in advance so that we can give you an order number to write on your check.

Where are your Nativity Sets Manufactured?

Our nativity sets are manufactured in Ocoee Florida just west of downtown Orlando. We fabricate the nativity sets from flat sheet to finished product in America with American workers.

Can I pick the Nativity Set Up? Can I stop by to view the Nativity set before Purchase?

Yes & Yes! For local customers, we keep a standard nativity set assembled on property if you would like to come see it in person. We also accept customer pick-ups for local customers who would like to save on shipping. Please be aware that we do not have a retail showroom, but rather a small area at the front of our manufacturing plant.

For any additional product questions please feel free to send us a question on the "Product Questions" tab.

Merry Christmas!

Overall Customer Rating of 314 Reviews:

Not quite 5 stars.

The Nativity set was shipped quickly, packed securely, was easy to assemble and looks beautiful. I would suggest that the smaller of the two lambs be made with a slightly longer stake as it is not as secure in the ground as are all of the other components....all of which have longer stakes that does the smaller sheep. Customer service was unable to help with this issue as it appears no one else has had this problem.

Awesome Product

"The size and weight of the various nativity pieces easily enables one person to assemble and set it up for display. The anchor system provided came in very handy as it tends to be quite windy around my home. I really appreciated the pre-drilled holes as it took all the guess work and possible frustration out of determining where the brackets for the anchors were to be placed..."


"...easy to assemble, looks great on my yard, just the right Christmas decoration, and will add the other figures next year!"

Simply Beautiful

"...sturdy, simple to put up, and will store in minimum space. I could not be more pleased with it, and look forward to having it on our front lawn at Christmas time for many years to come!"

Excellent quality

"...surpassed the product description. Made of heavy material to last for years. Everything was included and set up took 5-minutes. A great product from a great seller"