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  • Holy Night Complete Nativity Scene - Large (Night)
  • Holy Night Complete Nativity Scene - Large
  • Large Base Nativity Set - Rear View
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Price: $1,499.99
: Built to Order (Extended)
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Key Features:

  • Holy Night Complete Large Nativity Scene
  • Includes Holy Family, Angels, Wise Men, Shepherd, Camel, Donkey and Calf
  • Purchase the entire set and save over 20% (compared to buying individually)
  • Composed of marine grade plastic designed to last many years


Character Dimensions
Nativity Stable 72" Tall (top of star)
Upright Angel (Pair) 40" Tall x 34" Wide (each)
First Wise Men 29.375" Tall x 24.625" Wide
Second Wise Men 41.375" Tall x 23.75" Wide
Third Wise Men 41" Tall x 27" Wide
Shepherd With Sheep 39.5" Tall x 48" Wide
Calf 25.5" Tall x 40" Wide
Donkey 21" Tall x 36" Wide
Camel 28.5" Tall x 58.375" Wide

Material Information

Our Material is a Marine Grade Plastic PVC Sheet

Designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, this material will last many seasons in your yard. It is a homogeneous material and therefore cannot delaminate and will never require painting. It is UV stabilized to maintain a pristine white color. This material has largely replaced plywood as the primary marine substrate material because of its durability.

How can we guarantee the material will hold up?

Our primary business is manufacturing plastic component parts for the marine industry. We serve over 200 of the worlds leading boat builders with fabricated plastic parts. We are a trusted vendor of boat builders such as Sea Ray, Scout, Boston Whaler & many more. We are the leading consumer of plastic sheet in the industry and have worked with this material for 15+ years. As the leading consumer, we have great purchasing power with the material. This lower material cost is passed on to our customers as is evident by our pricing compared with other competing products.

We have also been fabricating these nativity sets for over 8 years and selling them to local Christmas tree stands. This project was originally started because we saw it as an opportunity to make something we would be very proud to offer, while also helping to supplement some of the seasonality of the boating industry. It is a win/win to be able to offer such a nice and meaningful keepsake while also keeping our employees busy and employed through the winter. This is our eight year offering the nativity set online and we are pleased to say we have only received positive feedback about the look and quality of the material.

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
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An Expensive But High Quality Set that Will Last for Years

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

"...took about one week to arrive in four large boxes.

The set is very durable being constructed out of heavy duty marine plastic and I am sure it will last for many years.

It took me about two hours to put the set together at a leisurely pace in my workshop, another hour to put the completed pieces on an open trailer, drive them down to the front of my property and install the set on my lawn, and another hour to install lighting for the nativity set.

The set is beautiful. I put in a dozen 100w flourescent floodlights in front of the figures to illuminate the set and put a 400 foot string of Led's on the ground in front of the set and the effect is stunning. Any number of people have told me that the nativity scene is one of the most beautiful in our city.

I only have a few small observations about the set. First some of the figures have to be bolted together and when our set arrived and I went to put the camel together the set screws were missing from the camel's head so I had to contact the company and have them send me a new head which arrived in about three days.

Second, we have pretty strong winds in Oklahoma and after a particularly strong storm some of the figures toppled over and I had to set them up again and the aluminum rods that hold the figures up were bent during the storm. I will have to straighten the aluminum rods out when I take the set down or maybe I will go to the lumber yard and get some steel reinforced rod to use with the figures next year.

All in all, I am very pleased with the purchase and although the set is expensive it is well made and worth the expense for something that we will reuse for many years. I would recommend this set to anyone who wants to celebrate the true reason for Christmas.

UPDATE December 2012: This is the second year we have set up the Teak Isle Nativity Scene and it is holding up just fine. One change that we made this year is I eliminated the aluminum poles that came with the set - they got bent in the high winds we occasionally get in Oklahoma. I went to Lowes and bought 3/4" metal electrical conduit to substitute for the aluminum poles. I cut it into 30" lengths, removed the existing brackets from the back of the figures, and substituted 3/4" zinc clamps. I kept the same screws that came with the figures but had to add two flat washers under each clamp so the screw wouldn't go through the board. This has made the figures much more robust and solid."