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Proudly Built in the USA
  • Outdoor Christmas Sleigh and Reindeer Set - Large Updated Version
  • Set Includes Sleigh and 2 Reindeer (Additional Deer Available)
  • Sleigh: 34" Tall x 46.75" Long x 20.75" Wide
  • Deer: 53.75" Tall x 37" Long x 14" Wide
  • Fabricated from Marine Grade Plastic Sheet Designed to Last Many Years!
Additional Deer:

Christmas Sleigh and Reindeer Set - Large Updated Version

Set Includes 1 Sleigh & 2 Reindeer

Sleigh: 34" Tall x 46.75 Long x 20.75" Wide
Reindeer: 53.75" Tall x 37" Long x 14" Wide

Additional Deer Available to Create as Large of a Set as You Would Like!

Composed of Marine Grade Plastic Designed to Last Many Years. The material accepts paint very well, Great for artistic types who would like to customize their set. Purchase some Christmas ribbons and Bows and have a blast adding to this already beautiful set!

Our Material is a Marine Grade Plastic PVC Sheet

Designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, this material will last many seasons in your yard. It is a homogeneous material and therefore cannot delaminate and will never require painting. It is UV stabilized to maintain a pristine white color. This material has largely replaced plywood as the primary marine substrate material because of its durability.

How Can We Guarantee the Material Will Hold Up?

Our primary business is manufacturing plastic component parts for the marine industry. We serve over 200 of the worlds leading boat builders with fabricated plastic parts. We are a trusted vendor of boat builders such as Sea Ray, Scout, Boston Whaler & many more. We are the leading consumer of plastic sheet in the industry and have worked with this material for 15+ years. As the leading consumer, we have great purchasing power with the material. This lower material cost is passed on to our customers as is evident by our pricing compared with other competing products.

We have also been fabricating these nativity sets for over 5 years and selling them to local Christmas tree stands. This project was originally started because we saw it as an opportunity to make something we would be very proud to offer, while also helping to supplement some of the seasonality of the boating industry. It is a win/win to be able to offer such a nice and meaningful keepsake while also keeping our employees busy and employed through the winter. This is our second year offering the nativity set online and we are pleased to say we have only received positive feedback about the look and quality of the material.

Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

Great Christmas display!!


"I love this santa sleigh and reindeer. i painted parts of sleigh and

deer added eyes to deer and it looks great instead of all white. very

easy to assemble and store..."

Santa sleigh and reindeer


"Fast shipping on this product..nice cardboard box it arrives in. Setup

is fast ad easy..not cheaply made. I put ribbons around the deer and

big bag of empty wrapped toys in a pouch on the seat..."